Discover Jimmy Lu’s Stunning Art Gallery

Don’t miss the opportunity to view the captivating artwork of Jimmy Lu, a talented mining engineer living in Waihi with a passion for painting the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand.

Whether you’re seeking a piece to adorn your home or a unique gift, Jimmy’s artwork offers a blend of artistic skill and heartfelt inspiration that speaks volumes about the natural wonders that surround us.

Join us and explore Jimmy’s gallery, where his watercolour masterpieces vividly capture the essence of our stunning country.

🗓️ Dates: Wednesday 17 July – Sunday 21 July 2024
Times: 10am – 4pm
📍 Location: Shop next to ASB Bank


More information from Jimmy:

“My name is Jimmy Lu. I’m a mining engineer currently working in Waihi. Although I was born and raised in China, my journey led me to Australia in 2010 for my overseas studies. After graduating, I began my engineering career in Perth and was later transferred to New Zealand by my previous company in 2015. In my free time and during holidays, I’ve been exploring the stunning landscapes of New Zealand. The beauty of this country has left me speechless. Unable to convey my emotions through words or music, I turned to my papers and brushes to express the awe-inspiring moments.

My passion for drawing dates back to my childhood when I learned from the renowned Chinese artist, Wang Changshou. (You can find his artwork here)Mr. Wang taught me the art of watercolours and how to capture the essence of a subject with brushes and colours. Despite not pursuing art professionally due to academic pressures, his encouragement to draw what I see, feel, and sense stayed with me. Drawing allows me to immerse myself in a world where it’s just me and my thoughts, flowing through brushes and soaring amid vibrant colours.

When I was drawing, I totally melted into my own world. I couldn’t hear or sense anything around me at that moment, all I could feel was my mind flowing among colours and brushes. To be honest, that was the happiest time ever in my life. I observed what I thought and then I moved my brushes. How should I express my feelings about this view on paper? How can I explain my feelings to others through my drawings? Those are two key questions I always thought about before I started my drawings. I drew everything I felt was interesting, such as landscapes, portraits, happiness, sadness, lonely streets, dim light, shadows, flowers, and boats. I love art and I still hold this passion in my heart. As time goes by, it’s getting larger and larger. I will keep practising and drawing and it has become the biggest joy in my life now. I hope one day I can share this joy with everyone.”