Meet the Retailer: Espresso Carwash

Meet Karan from Espresso Carwash.

Espresso Carwash pride themselves on giving the best service..  ‘It’s how we connect to our customers and meet their needs’. ‘When the customer sees the finished job and is happy, that makes me smile’.


Tell us about how you ended up at Ormiston Town Centre & Why?

My family also owns Espresso Carwash franchises in Australia and they encouraged me to become a franchise owner myself. I had seen that the Ormiston suburb was rapidly growing, with lots of new houses and I thought this would be a good area.

Many houses here also don’t have driveways which makes it harder to wash cars at home. At the end of the day, it’s much easier getting someone to do the job for you. We have the knowledge and expertise, giving our customers a professional result that you can’t achieve at home.

What is important to Espresso Carwash, what can your customers expect?
Service. For us, it’s about how we connect to our customers and meet their needs. For many of our clients, they come to us without any idea of what they want in their car wash. We can help them select the right service and guide them towards which add-ons to select for their car.

We don’t change prices or try to push unnecessary products. We work with our clients to get the finished product the way they want it. At the end of the day, we want our customers to be happy.

Do you have a bestselling product?
It’s only been 6 weeks since we opened, but yes we do.

With a car wash, people don’t usually need one every week as the car’s still clean. But people are interested in doing deep cleans now we’re heading into winter. Our bestselling product is the supreme wash which includes a full exterior wash service, a full exterior finish and an interior service.

Do you have anything unique about the Ormiston Town Centre Espresso Carwash?
We do have to stick within guidelines, but we are able to offer our customers special discounts and free add-ons, offers that are unique to the Ormiston Town Centre branch.

We are connected to our customers. I don’t think any other Espresso Carwash has social media and unlike other franchises, we do try to constantly communicate with our customers through Facebook and Instagram. This means we can adapt our offers and discounts according to what our customers need and want. I’d say that’s pretty unique.

Now we’re moving into winter do you think you’ll see people getting their car clean and in shape?
We are weather dependent, so when it rains our customers don’t get their car clean, but the following day we’ll see a rise in business. Over wintertime, it’s too cold for people to clean their own cars so we do also see more customers leaving us to do the job.

What makes you smile at work?
It sounds cheesy but when the customer sees the finished job and is happy, that makes me smile. There’s a lot of job satisfaction in seeing the before and after result, they walk away, we do the magic and when they return it’s like a brand-new car.

What do you like to do on your days off?
I haven’t really had a day off yet, there is always something to do when you have your own business! But when I do have time, a relaxing day at the beach with friends and family is the dream.

Have you tried out the Centre’s Dining Options? What’s your favourite menu item at Ormiston Town Centre?
I’ve tried them all, I really like Good Dog Bad Dog and I love Asian food, so my favourite item is the Korean fried chicken from KoKoDak.

Do you have any car washing tips or hacks?
The biggest hack I have, is to know what products you are putting on your car. Make sure that you are opting to use products that won’t damage your paint job in the long run. We use certified professional cleaners and finishes, which give that sparkling end result. My biggest hack is to make sure what you’re using.

Do you have any top products you think are important to mention?
Our AC treatment kills the bacteria inside your car which sits in Air Conditioning vents. This is especially important in COVID times and in winter months when we’re blasting the car heating. Making sure every aspect of your car is cleaned regularly including the air that’s being used, will keep your car hygienic and your passengers healthy.


Meet Karan and the team at Espresso Carwash located on Level One of the multi-level carpark and check out the great specials they have on now.