Indulge Your Taste Buds with Our Foodie Guide!

Spoil your mother figure with a food journey she won’t forget! Treat her to a day filled with delicious delights from some of our favourite eateries.

Breakfast and Great Coffee: Start the day right with a hearty breakfast and a steaming cup of java at Journal Cafe. With a cozy ambiance and mouthwatering menu, it’s the perfect spot to kickstart your morning.

🥞 Brunch at The Coffee Club and enjoy a delectable spread of sweet and savory delights. From fluffy pancakes to gourmet omelets, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

🍣 Lunch at Maru Sushi & Don. From delicious bento boxes and Don’s to mouthwatering rolls, each bite is a burst of flavour that will tantalize your taste buds.

🍽️ End the day on a high note with a sumptuous Dinner at Ormiston Cafe. And here’s the cherry on top: enjoy a special offer of buy one, get one half price for the entire month of May! Cheers to good food and great company.

🍔 Bonus Bite: Better Burger Don’t miss out on Better Burger’s new menu and coupon offers! Sink your teeth into juicy burgers, crispy fries, and more, all at unbeatable prices.

With so many delectable options to choose from, there’s no better way to celebrate her special day. Bon appétit!