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World Environment Day and Sustainability

It’s World Environment Day on Saturday (5 June). It’s a time for us to consider the impact we have on the planet and what we can all be doing to become more environmentally responsible.

At Ormiston Town Centre our work towards sustainability is only just beginning. We know we have a long way to go but today we want to share with you where we are in our journey and the work we’ve done so far towards reducing our environmental impact.

What we’re doing

Throughout the Centre you’ll find bins for both recyclables and general rubbish. They’re clearly marked so it’s even easier for our customers to recycle properly, working as a team to reduce what ends up in the landfill. After you do the job, we do the job. From there, we make sure that it’s correctly sorted into recycling, disposable waste, and food waste. This helps us reduce what we throw away and makes sure we are re-using and saving recyclable materials as much as possible.

Charging stations
We are on board to support transport of the future! We love vehicles that rely on rechargeable, non-polluting energy. At Ormiston Town Centre, you’ll find 20 electric vehicle charging stations located conveniently around the Centre. Not at the electric car stage yet? We’ve made sure there’s plenty of bike racks too!

We work with a team of professionals to turn food waste from the Centre into the good stuff. At Ormiston Town Centre food thrown away is sorted from rubbish, diverted away from landfill, and used for composting. It tastes just as good for the planet as the food did for you.

Design solutions

With plenty of windows and bright open spaces, we’ve made sure our Centre has been designed to capture as much natural light as possible. We’ve even replaced traditional light bulbs with energy-efficient LED lighting, an awesome alternative that reduces our energy usage and is healthier for the planet.

What our retailers are doing

We encourage all our retailers to demonstrate the best sustainable practices they can. Take a look at what some of our retailers are doing beneath:

Bird on a Wire
Healthy farming practices are important to Bird on a Wire, across its menu all chicken, bacon and eggs are free-range, and the rest of the menu ingredients are organic and free-range whenever possible. On top of that, all their packaging is recyclable /compostable. By choosing to use local produce and locally sourced ingredients on their menu where they can, Bird on a Wire is working to support local communities and producers, reducing their carbon footprint in the process and on top of that they even offer a discount on your coffee if you bring in your own cup!

Snap Fitness
Snap Fitness is doing its part in reducing single-use plastic waste. With sustainable initiatives like its H2GO refill water stations, members are helping decrease plastic that ends up thrown away, choking our oceans and polluting the land. So far they’ve saved an impressive 5,759 water bottles from landfill.

Mogly Bar & Eatery
MOGLY works to reduce all the waste it produces. With takeaway boxes and packages made from plant products, their biodegradable packaging is earth safe and can even be used in your home compost! MOGLY Bar & Eatery also stick to cleaning products that are organic, eco-friendly and biodegradable. Opting to use plant-based cleaners is a healthier choice, one that’s still tough on dirt but kinder to the planet. And to top it off, all the energy they use in their bar and eatery is 100% renewable.

What you can be doing

Take a look at our list of top tips on how to shop more sustainably. These small changes are easy to make and can become great habits. Remember, every little bit helps to make an impact!

Consider Transport Alternatives
If you live close to Ormiston Town Centre think ahead and plan your journey, opt out of taking the car. Not only will you be reducing your carbon emissions, but choosing to walk or bike is a great form of exercise! We’ve got plenty of bike racks and conveniently located public transport options so plan your journey today.

Shop Local
Shopping closer to home is not only a great way of supporting local business owners, but it can also minimise your carbon footprint. It’s important to consider where your food and shopping comes from and how far it’s travelled to get to you. Remember, the higher the mileage the more emissions are produced. Our eateries like Journal Cafe and Bird on a Wire use local produce wherever possible, so support your community and shop local!

Re-think Packaging
Saying no to store bags and packaging makes a difference, preventing items from being sent to landfill and discarded after one use. If you’re not sure what to replace them with, why not choose reusable and long-lasting alternatives like jute bags. If you’re still interested in other alternatives, swap single-use cling wrap and plastic bags for reusable beeswax covers. There are even handy dishwasher safe silicone coverings and storage options. Head to The Warehouse, check out their great options available in-store.

Use Keep Cups
Replacing takeaway coffee cups with a reusable keep cup is a great environmentally friendly step, stopping single-use plastic lids and non-recyclable coffee cups from ending up in the bin. Retailers like Muffin Break, will even give you a free coffee when you purchase your keep cup from them! Now if that isn’t an incentive what is.

Whether you’re shopping or dining, consider what habits you can change to help be kinder to the environment. There’s always more to be done but we truly believe that no effort is too small. Now is the time to go green!

If you have any ideas on how we can all become more environmentally friendly, we’d love to hear from you. Happy World Environment Day!

– Ormiston Town Centre team