Justice of the Peace

Justice of the Peace

Justice of the Peace

Justice of the Peace services are available twice a week. No appointment required.

Hours of Operation.

Tuesdays and Thursdays 6 pm-7:00 pm located between New World and Five Star Nails.

No appointment required.

This is a community service where the Justices of the Peace freely volunteer their time. Services available include:

  • Witness your signing a document
  • Certify copies of documents (including email attachments or mobile messages)
  • Take oaths, declarations, affidavits (including marriage and civil union dissolutions) and affirmations
  • Confirm your identity for financial institutions and other agencies

For full information on their services please visit the JP website click here.

Should you have any queries please contact the Registrar of the Auckland JPs on 09 916 9276 or via email

JP services are free and you don’t need an appointment but please be aware you may need to queue. Please ensure you bring all of the required documents.

For information on visiting a JP, click here.