Meet the Retailer Just Cuts

Meet the Retailer: Just Cuts

Meet Cham he is the owner of Just Cuts Ormiston. You’re sure to have seen him around Ormiston Town Centre, a smile on his face and a friendly word for everyone.

With years of hairdressing experience in salons across New Zealand and London, when you sit down in Cham’s chair you can bank on amazing customer service, a stylish salon atmosphere and an incredible result. Cham’s salon is all about family. With his baby son and extended family visiting and helping out, he understands the importance of a kid-friendly environment!  Read our interview to hear Cham’s story. Find out hair care hacks, winter hair tips and what he loves about his profession.

Q: What’s your background as a hairdresser and stylist?
A: I started out studying salon support, before doing my apprenticeship in barbering. I then went on to become a hairdresser, so I guess you could say I’m pretty well qualified!  I later moved to the UK and worked as a hairdresser all over London, it was really busy, but I learned a lot and met so many different people. I worked at the St Luke’s branch of Just Cuts for the last 10 years. In that time I gained experience as a manager and won Justice NZ Stylist of the Year three times.

Q: Why did you choose Ormiston?
A: I’ve been interested in Ormiston for a while now – I’ve wanted to open my own salon here for the last 15 years. When I heard about the mall opening, I thought this would be a great place.

Eventually, my wife and I have plans to build a house in Ormiston so we are very close to work. It’s been a busy time, my newborn son was born a few months before the mall opened so it’s all happened at once!

Q: What do your customers love best about your business?
A: They like the flexibility of no appointments, they can come in anytime they want and check in to the queue on our Just Cuts app. Through the app, customers can collect reward points that can be used for future haircuts and products. They like our team of staff as well. The Ormiston community speak many languages and our staff are all multi-lingual. We speak with our clients in their own languages which makes them feel comfortable.

All of the Just Cuts Ormiston team are qualified hairdressers and we’ve been cutting hair for a long time, people like the service we provide, and they can trust we will do a good job.

Q: Do you have regulars yet?
A: Yes we do. We’ve had some clients come back three times already for haircuts. We recognise everyone’s faces, not just famous ones. In my previous salon I used to cut Che-Fu’s hair, he was a regular!

Q: Have you tried any of the food in Ormiston?
A: Yes, I’ve tried a variety of the food here. Tran’s Vietnamese Kitchen, Wicked Chicken and St Pierre’s Sushi. I’ve even had a sweet treat in Divine Patisserie as well.

Q: Do you have any hair tips?
A: For a perfect wash and clean at home do two shampoo washes, then for damaged hair use a hair mask first then a conditioner after that.

If you shampoo your hair with warm water it’s better for cleaning, then use cool water to rinse your hair down, it’s better for hair health and makes it shinier.

Top tip – clean hair is more accurate to cut, so it’s better to book in for a wash before any cutting and styling service. We recommend to our clients to book in for a wash before any service.

Q: How often should we get a haircut?
A: Short hair once a month, longer hair every 6 weeks. If you leave it longer than 3 months your hair tends to get split ends. For most of us, our hair grows slower over winter and faster in the summer.

Q: In wintertime, is there anything we can be doing to take care of our hair
A: Treatments and deep conditioning are important. Once a week use a hair mask to make sure that your hair stays strong and grows healthily in colder weather.

After summer UV exposure and saltwater brittleness can be damaging to your hair. I always recommend to my clients they take time over winter to recondition and book in for a treatment.

Q: What do you think is the most important thing as a hairdresser?
A: For me, the most important thing is to make my customers happy, my job is to make their day and make them feel and look good. It’s more than just cutting and styling hair, we become counsellors to our clients, we listen to them and talk with them.

Q: Do you have any words of wisdom that you live by? what’s important to you?
A: Words of wisdom? I live by the saying “don’t wait for the perfect moment but make the moment perfect for you”.


Meet Cham and the rest of the Just Cuts team at Ormiston Town Centre. With affordable prices and no appointments needed, head to Just Cuts Ormiston for your next haircut and visit.